Le Gvre, its surrounding areas and links

The national forest of Le Gâvre covers over 11000 acres and is the largest national forest in Brittany.
“Gâvre” comes from the celto-breton word “gaor” which means goat or roe and which changed form
over the years to become “gavr”.

Only 30 minutes from the Nantes/St Nazaire metropole , The Gâvre Forest is situated in an alluvial
plain which unites the Vilaine Valley to the West with the Mazerolle in the East.

Rambling pathways, educational pathways, bridal paths and orienteering are all on offer to visitors as
well as shelters and picnic tables. Autumn is the best time to visit to experience “mushrooming”, the
changing colours of the forest foliage and the call of the deer.

Le chteau de Blain

End of the 11th and the start of the 12th century witnessed the first foundations of the fortress desired by Alain Fergent, Duke of Brittany. The Clissons, the Rohans, including Henry II, the Duke, all lived here.
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Muse Benoist : Maison de la Fort

A fun, educational, interactive and sensory space to discover the different uses of the Gvre Forest, its history and local life.
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Office du Tourisme de la Rgion de Blain

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Le canal de Nantes Brest

From an idea of Napoleon I in 1804 , construction of the Nantes to Brest canal started in 1811 and was completed in 1842. The section between Nantes and Redon has 17 locks, nine of which are in the Blain area. The canal was used for a long period as a commercial route and today serves as a base for leisure activities such as fishing and rambling.

Tourist Office

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Town Hall : Le Gvre

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